Santa needs a green suit

Christmas is a treat for the street. Perhaps not as sweet in Greece this year as in China. Here a photographer captures some decorations in Chinese shopping malls.

Christmas in the West, much like Diwali in India, stimulates seasonal economic activity. But I wonder if Santa has an estimate of the concomitant waste generated (through packaging and decorations, electricity and shopping splurges). A lot of innovative thought and technologies would have gone into making these “wonderful, weird and whacky Christmas trees”. These creative energies, so abundantly found in our cities, should be used to splash in some green as we go around  painting the planet red. 

This Christmas tree is made from bicycles and can be lit up only manually by riding an attached bicycle. Photo by Raemin Zhang,

Urban innovations: Lighting through water bottles

A simple initiative in the Philippines is bringing a bit of brightness into the lives of the country’s poorest people.
The project is called “Litre of Light”, and the technology involved is just a plastic bottle filled with water.
It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to an electric light bulb, and it’s virtually free.
The BBC’s Kate McGeown reports from Manila